The heartbreaking story of a Cleveland Clinic doctor expelled from the U.S. minutes before the temporary deportation stay


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“Make America Great Again” appearantly has nothing to do with civilized relations with the rest of the world…


Even though Trump himself has called it a “ban” his press secretary Spicer is attacking news sources for using that word, claiming that’s not what it is.

If he insists that “ban” is not the correct term then let’s just call it what it is: a sweeping, indiscriminate measure that arbitrarily prevents a large number of people from entering or returning to their legal place of residence.


Ruining dreams, one executive order at a time.


The first week of President Trump has been unbridled chaos. I wonder what the world will look like four years from now.


Suppose she didn’t have the money to do so?


On the bright side, the EU is taking political asylum requests from Americans a whole lot more seriously now.


probably a lot like the Fallout games or Mad Max.



Trump called it a ban, Spicer called it a ban, the CBP website calls it a ban. Does he not realize that reporters record interviews and press conferences?


On the plus side: Sudan just got a free, overseas-trained doctor, so that’s nice.


They have no idea what they’re doing.


Oh man, and I just happen to live in the city where “The Day After” was filmed. :^(


Europe needs doctors. Get over here. It’s like the new wall to Mexico - we need doctors and the US pays for them. Instant permanent resident permit in Germany for medical professionals. Americas loss is our gain.


After 90 days of this, everyone will be so burned-out that no matter what he does, the reaction will be “yeah, whatever”.


Paul Ryan calls it a “pause” in a vain, spineless effort to preserve a sense of acceptableness to justify his own kowtowing. Hopefully right after he used that barfemism he went into a back room and “paused” his breathing for 90 minutes with a fucking plastic bag and a rubber band.

The fact that the Republicans are trying to criticize “The Rollout” while supporting the idea of the law is some of the grossest CYA I’ve seen in a while, though I’m sure it’ll be topped soon enough. Hell, even McCain can only bring himself to complain about the potential ISIS propaganda blow back, as opposed to the very real, very immediate pain this is causing to Muslims, and anyone who cares about fucking human dignity. This is right up there with his “No, he’s not an Arab, ma’am, he’s a good person.” Aaaaalmost McCain, Aaaaaalmost.


This is just “America’s Heartland” (granted, Iowa does have the oldest mosque in the u.s.)


Or, more frighteningly, they know exactly what they’re doing.


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