The Hestan Cue takes all the guesswork and culinary disasters out of cooking

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A new low. An overpriced kit of stuff anyone with a kitchen probably already has (i.e. pans and a stove) and an app substituting for a good cookbook.

Smart effing saucepans, FFS?

I cannot begin to describe the depths of contempt I have for this kind of product design, offering positioning, and marketing communications, so I won’t try.


and I don’t have to add a single word, you just said it all.

@boingboingshop, get a grip.


I’ll wait to see what Uncle Roger has to say.


maybe this is posted merely for absurd comment-filling satire?


Once upon a time on BoingBoing, that would have been true.


$600 for three pans, an induction burner, and a fucking phone app? Only an idiot would buy this. Come on Boing Boing, you used to be cool, now you’re just shilling garbage.


It’s like a damn strip mall in here.


It’s pretty clever: BoingBoing is basically an advertising platform for left-wing, anti-corporate readers. Come for the outrage, leave with some Tupperware.

Next week: see article in Ars Technica about how hackable these pans are.


It’s actually worse than that - how are you going to do a “rack of lamb” without any side dishes??

You’re going to need at least 3 or four of these things working in tandem to put together any kind of decent meal!


It would be cheaper to learn how to cook.


I have never made anything resembling a rack of lamb without access to something that acts like an oven. You might be able to do it in a instant pot or hot air fryer, but chances are good it won’t be a ‘proper’ rack of lamb.

Cooking “help” for Gullible people. Trump should sell this on his MAGA site.

A deep enough saucepan+lid, a good temperature control (or at least an accurate readout) and a heat source IS an oven. I’ve used such many times while camping.

Of course, MY version costs maybe $40 (for a really big saucepan with a thermometer in it from REI).

Unfortunately I blew all my money on the automatic pot stirrer and “Portable” air conditioner, so this will just have to wait.

I can’t believe boing boing flogs this shit.

It’s sponsored content. They have no control over it. Complaining about it doesn’t matter. If something truly offends you, like that copper infused snake oil whatever it was that appeared earlier this weekend, just flag it and move on.

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BoingBoing has no control over what is sold as The BoingBoing Shop? How is that better?

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It’s how it is.

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