The Hillary Shimmy Song, by Jonathan "Song a Day Man" Mann


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I laughed out loud when she did that!


Hillary was all like, “Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yeah, shimmy yay, / Gimme the mic and I’m a take it away.”


How likely is it that that moment was planned? We live in a strange, social media-driven world. A supremely smart candidate would plan something that could be funny, a little self-deprecating, and it would go viral. Realistically, this is the sort of planning that must be part of a candidate’s campaign in 2016.


I think the planned moments were more canned feeling. “Trumped up trickle-down” etc?

I love this song. Song A Day Mann rules.


It did remind me a little bit of Jack Layton’s “#fail” line from 2011… too cute to be entirely spontaneous.

But being prepared with a general-purpose response for Trump saying something absurd is just plain smart.


You’re right. That was wooden.


that is some serious commitment.


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