The Honey Hunters of Nepal


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That is terrifying.


now both the number of bees and traditional honey hunters are in rapid decline as a result of increased commercial interests and climate change.

Maybe the number of honey hunters is in rapid decline because the only people with shittier labour standards are Alaskan crab fishermen.


Apparently the honey collected in the spring is red and intoxicating. I’m not sure how commercial honey could compete with that.

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Sweet, sweet, terror…

It’s a great series if photos and the description by the Guardian is excellent. It makes me wonder if enough has been done to encourage beekeeping by the indigenous population - that seems like one way to create a more sustainable supply while not interfering with the traditional harvest.

Why is it that whenever I see impressive images of the natural world, David Attenborough’s voice starts narrating the scene for me?
I think for those of y’all in the Americas, Morgan Freeman would pop up. I mean, it’s impossible to even read his name without doing it in his voice.
Anyway. Honey.

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Hallucinogenic and laxative effect… ok, I’m in.

I also appreciated James Burke and his dry wit. There was a scene of a lovely mountain stream while Burke narrates, then he comes slogging into frame wearing hip waders and still doing his narrative. If you weren’t paying attention it would go right past you, but some people would watch that and say “I’ve never seen anyone set up a shot like that before!”

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