The Honorable Senator Warren muzzled on Senate floor


My father was a back-bencher for 40 years. Staffer, Leg. Director, COS, he did it all. So wise in the rules, he was sought out by both sides of the aisle for counsel - he would be apoplectic at this turn of events.


She went on Facebook to read it anyway.

I am utterly disgusted by the GOP, and McConnell in particular.


“Providing a history of feminism”

Because guys like him just can’t fucking help themselves can they?


A new contender for best example of the Streisand effect, but as the GOP showed with DeVos, they don’t care and Sessions is guaranteed to be approved.



What if, by some improbable miracle, 45 is found to be mentally unfit and is removed from office; what happens to all his picks?

Do they just get to stay on anyway, because they were “confirmed;” even if there was later proof that they were selected by a crazy person?


Pence would presumably get to decide whether to keep them on board or gently suggest they tender their resignations.





Like Bannon and Pence are not doing the actual selection already… sigh.




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