The incredible storyboards of Parasite compared to the film

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Parasite was a great movie…Best Picture though? eh, not so sure…

Not enough beautiful Caucasians looking ugly?


Masterful. Just look at the juxtaposition showing how situationally connected the two poor families are yet:
•The lights flickering in the flooded house immediately precedes the flickering of the morse code messages being sent by the basement husband.
•Moon Gwang vomits into the toilet and the shit comes out of Ki-Jeong’s toilet. Ki-Jeong immediately closes the lid, ignoring Moon Gwang’s plight. The misfortune that befell Moon Gwang as a person in poverty has a direct impact on another person in poverty. No one’s misfortune should be seen as individual suffering. We all suffer if anyone suffers. Bring back organized labor (sans the corruption)!
•The floating rock comes in right when Moon Gwang incants Chung Sook’s name so her husband remembers to get revenge. Your short-term success comes back to stab you in the heart. Was it all worth it? Chasing the ideal of achieving a life where you have enough disposable income to spend on a stupid rock, is it worth it if the game you’re playing results in other people suffering? Does it feel good being a winner, getting the most points so you can trade those points in for a fancy car?
Who is the parasite when the wealthy don’t hold up their end of the bargain?

This movie deserved Best Picture. There was meticulous planning and language of cinema that Bong Joon Ho is clearly well-versed in. If you rewatch every line and every scene has immense economy of storytelling. No line is wasted, no shot is wasted. Everything is tied thematically, sequentially, and references other parts of the film.


Don’t pin that shit on me…I’m just saying I didn’t think it was best picture worthy. Nothing more, nothing less.


But that IS the standard for best picture is it not?

Personally I liked JoJo Rabbit better. But I’m a sucker for good satire.

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I think I’ve said that about every Best Picture winner since The English Patient

Trouble is, it’s hard to name an alternative from the same year that wouldn’t also evoke the same sentiment.

Thanks, I think you’re right on all of them, and I only noticed some of those. And you’re just scratching the surface!

I agree it’s a masterwork, and it was so good to see “the Academy” overcome biases and give the award to a film that’s clearly stellar in so many ways. And with a great political message to boot!

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