The Indigo Girls rock NPR's Tiny Desk

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Love, love, love!!! Their albums make up a large part of the soundtrack of the 1990’s for me. So glad when they turn up and just folk rock things out.

And man, Amy can still belt them out. Emily’s voice is frailer these days than I remember, but the harmonies are still on point.


I preferred Shame on You and Galileo over Closer to Fine, but yes, great songs from my youth. Always enjoyed that they didn’t fit the image of singers of the time - it was just really good music!

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Oh, there’s really not a bad song in their set list. Secure Yourself to Heaven remains one of my favorites. And their remake of Knopfler’s Romeo and Juliet is perfection.


i consider them my Coming Out band. their first album came out at a crucial time for me, when i was really wrestling internally, a year or more before finally coming out to anyone. they were a lifeline, and still are, although i haven’t kept up with them as well in recent years. I actually got to meet them during their first tour, and while watching this i was thinking how great it would be to be able to meet them again to tell them how much they have meant to me in my life since meeting them. i’m fairly certain they would remember me – or at least the situation that led to me meeting them. i even have a photo with them. anyway, great little Tiny Desk. they continue to be amazing and inspiring.


Awesome, wonderful, heart warming story, Franko. Hey, you should at least email their publicist, I’m sure they’d want to hear it from someone. But I do hope you get your wish to meet them again.


oh gosh, i never thought about emailing them – there’s an idea. i suppose i could, but the thing is, while i am fairly certain they would remember me, i’m also sure i’m just one of who knows how many people their music has impacted the same way.

it would be nice to say “thank you” to them, though. hmmmmmm…


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