The inner machinations of Mucha in Prague

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l love Mucha! I learned about The Slav Epic ~10 years ago and hope to someday see it. It looks like one of those works where pictures don’t do it justice.

Fun fact, my family on my dad’s side immigrated from Prague to central Texas.


And don’t miss Mucha’s St Stanislaus stained glass in the St Vitus Cathedral in the Prague palace


for a while there, I was very familiar with Prague via the webcam on its service tram. I would have a map open and follow along as it made its rounds through that beautiful city.

I’d definitely visit the Mucha museum if I was ever lucky enough to go there, always liked him.


Love Mucha!!!

The National Technical Museum is also a good stop in Prague. Lots of cool motorcycles, cars, and weird old appliances.


At Solstice and Equinox, we switch out our tapestry to the appropriate Season.


Don’t know if this is why he’s being mentioned these days, but Mucha has gotten a second wind recently thanks to Stable Diffusion and other AI art generators that have been trained on some of his works. A very common prompt addition is “by mucha” which generally makes an image in his style.

Here’s a quick example of Princess Leia by Alphonse Mucha (I’m sure Rob could do better)


oh man do i love Mucha. i can’t explain it, but his lines are just so natural and gorgeous. it’s no wonder he was such a touchstone for Art Nouveau. now i gotta get to Prague!


I have this drawing stuck in a sketchbook – lovely treatment of fabric, best seen in at a better resolution.

I have blurred it in case you are looking at work.

When the question of drawing hands (and feet) comes up, I recommend looking at Mucha’s approach.


Apparently, Mucha’s adverts for Coffee, etc, were not as successful as they could have been. The posters went up. Then, by night, a small army of art collectors with sponges and buckets of warm, soapy water, used to take them down again.

I had this “Lithographies Originales’” on my wall for years. Not an original, alas.

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This is glorious.

This shows not only line art and detail but great use of color.

Has the AI art started making Flora or men in this style? Babies? Pets? I feel like this style looks great regardless of subject matter.

After you’ve seen the sights and been to the museums you retire into a pub and have a nice beer or several.


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