"The internet is all lies," eye-rolling rebel leader tells CNN on missing Russian missile tweet


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we have never been in possession of even a single Buk system

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky

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this video, this video SO MUCH


I, for one, believe this rebel leader… I mean, if he isn’t going to come clean to Chris Cuomo, he must be telling the truth!

Nothing says “Prime Ministerial” like a denim jacket.

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My god, how did that man’s pants not burst into flames?


This was not a lie. All their Buk systems were married.


But I read his comment that everything on the internet is lies . . . on the internet.


It is lieception!

On a side note, have you seen the reporting on this event in Russian media? It’s like Baghdad Bob as a member of The Lone Gunmen.



the highlighted is as laughable as the guy he is interviewing .

Man, just look at that smug lying fat face. This drunken dipshit is the guy who shot down 300 people but he knows Putin’s got his back.

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These are the motherfuckers lynching people on video, and some of you don’t believe they’d blow up an airliner? Fuck me. If I even tried to re-enlist to shoot a fascist in Ukraine they’d just send me to go kill some brown kids in the desert.

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That depends on the meaning of the word “possession.” :wink:

I’m guessing he’s referring to the sort of possession that is resolved by exorcism.


He’s not “dramatically” rolling his eyes. He’s giving a big tell that he is lying. Rolling eyes, closing eyes, looking away, those are all things people do when they are lying. It’s a split second stall, a primitive “get me out of here” response, and an avoidance of eye contact, lest the lie be found out. He does those things multiple times in the video, because he isn’t savvy enough to control it, like Clinton did. Clinton held eye contact all the way through, because he knew it made him look more truthful.


He’s all like, “Chris, stop trying to make ‘Buk’ happen; it’s not going to happen!”

As much as I have no reason to like this guy, it’s important to remember that he’d only be more dangerous if he were suitably telegenic and could afford some good PR flacks.

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Quick, ask him how he would characterize the information on the internet if he knew he was speaking to people of the internet!

But watch out…

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Wait… how do we know he rolled his eyes?


Or … That’s not to say we haven’t been in possession of the odd Buk system…

Well now he’s on the internet… So he must be a liar!