The intersection of anti-vaxxers & tone deaf suburban white people has been found

In response to a fellow screenwriter who called for an increase in vaccination participation, producer and screenwriter Terry Rossio wrote, “My heart goes out to all the parents of vaccine damaged children, who have to not only endure the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here). Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling someone a n***** and makes as little sense.”

Rossio spelled out the epithet.

By the way, according to the article he’s writing the upcoming live action Jonny Quest adaptation so get ready for this new version which Dr. Quest constantly states seriously wrong facts about biology and Hadji’s nickname is a racial slur for Indians :roll_eyes:


Ah, two movies well known for their (cough) sophisticated writing. Not terribly shocked that Mr Rossio has outed himself as a grade-A asshat. Hopefully he’ll lose work after this and learn that producers would prefer not to have morons writing their movies.


Well, he partially correct. Calling someone “antivax” is a slur very similar to calling them “climate change deniers,” “9/11 truthers” or " flat earthers." He merely chose the wrong oppressed group to compare himself to.

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Rossio doubled down, arguing in a thread that the stigma faced by African-Americans is similar to that faced by those who refuse to vaccinate their children out of scientifically discredited fears of autism.

You can always choose to stop being an idiot … or can you?


Two years ago, he reportedly acquired the rights to a book by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose work linking vaccines to autism has been repudiated in the scientific community.

Now that’s the movie we’re all looking forward to. Callous Disregard: The Animated Musical.


A regular Springtime for Wakefield.


Small thing: Stock images for these stories always show the world’s largest needles. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but vaccine volumes are usually on the order of a half an mL or so. The syringes and needles involved are really small and thin.

(And reusable glass syringes are, I believe, more typical for corrosive chemotherapy agents for treating cancer)





Not a small thing at all. There are those of us who are highly phobic of needles, and that imagery is not helping when you try to convince people to be vaccinated.

I wish that the pro-vaccination community would realise that and change their advertising, and work on getting some better stock images out there. Media are lazy. They’ll use the first semi-relevant thing that comes up, most times.

As for the antis… Well, they’re trying to make it scary. But the side encouraging vaccination shouldn’t be.


wow is all i can say.

i mean that’s living in a privilege bubble right there. having no idea at all about what it’s like to know you’re not getting called back for jobs because of your name or skin color, worrying every time the cops pull you over for another “busted tail light”, having to deal with retail workers watching your every move, being denied housing, having racial slurs yelled at you -

that’s just exactly like being anti science -

oh. now it makes sense. an inability to trust facts. wonder if he’s a freeze peacher too.


You know, that actually does make sense thinking about It like that. If facts and evidence are meaningless, then reality can be whatever you choose it to be. In a world like that, yes, refusing to vaccinate your children is exactly like having had your ancestors brought and sold and your current prospects, not to mention personal safety, determined by the level of melanin present in your skin. Yes, exactly like that. Asshole.

(Directed at the claimant, not at you just in case)


omg how could you!? :wink:

i also was thinking - maybe when you’ve got as much money as he must - there’s basically nothing else to worry about. all your needs are met. it’s just the challenges of executing your job, maybe some family challenges - so you find some outlandish conspiracy to hyper focus on instead.

lol. or maybe it’s the meth.


As a needlephobe, the visual aspect of the fear is real. Watching someone get an injection, whether in person or on screen, for real or dramatized, is panic inducing. I have figured out how to manage it when I can prepare myself for flu shots and such, and a key part of that is not seeing the needle.

Slight aside: my daughter’s pediatrician will vaccinate adult family members too, and they use tiny needles. Or maybe pediatric nurses are just better at jabbing people.


I should let you talk to my nurses. They will tell you that they are better at everything.


No need to wonder, that’s where he entered the story, complaining that anti-vaxxers couldn’t voice their dangerous nonsense with freedom from consequences.

Best reply:


I’ve openly wondered what percentage of anti-vaxxers were needlephobes paralyzed with fear at having put to their kids through getting shots, and consciously or unconsciously latch onto the junk science and community of anto-vaxx to give weight to their fears and avoid the whole ordeal…people give me weird looks but brains are wired weird…


Heh, from one gamer to another: qq harder, the salt sustains me


I started to write that I couldn’t imagine a parent letting their own irrational fear negatively impact their child’s wellbeing, but then I rejoined reality.


1 in 1000 who contract measles die. And the ones at highest risk are likely not the children of assholes like this, but the person with a compromised immune system who just happens to interact with or pass by in more or less close close proximity to them. If you have to deal with these folks on any sort of routine basis as I do, you will start to see a fairly common version of eugenics that is very popular among them. It is better that those who are weak die off, so by not vaccinating they are helping the population become stronger. And i wish i was kidding.