The Introvert's Paradox: Brave Dave's TikTok explores the love-hate relationship with socializing

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I can relate as well because i do this a lot, and struggle with working up the mental energy to socialize. Even if that socializing is purely online with long time internet friends, there are many times where being on voice chat and playing fun games is too big of a commitment for me and i flake out or just refuse to participate altogether.

I have been better with pushing myself to be uncomfortable and force myself to have fun, but there are days i just can’t do it.


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Introversion and social anxiety aren’t always the same thing. I’m an introvert, but I love being outside my home and I actually like seeing and talking to people, even strangers - the problem is that when working for home, crossing paths accidentally doesn’t happen very often: unlike most people, I rarely notice. Growing up in a small town and always being surrounded by the same classmates, I didn’t notice it at all until I went to college and got some control of my own schedule. Working in an office was much the same. The biggest flag of introversion in my life is suddenly realizing that it’s been three or four weeks since I actually spoke to anyone. There’s no panic, no depression, no frustration or excuses, there’s just a long list of “To-Do’s” and goals in my brain whenever spontaneous free time pops up, and none of them require the participation of other people. Calling someone just to “catch up” always seems like an intrusion, demanding that they entertain me on my schedule, instead of allowing them to live their own life. That’s probably why I’ve never really liked phone calls. The only effect it has on my friends is that they long ago learned to make any plans involving me in advance - at least a day or two.


I get the idea, but personally if I decide I’m not up for seeing people, I’ll back out. I know what an arsehole I become if I’m forced to socialise when I don’t want to, and I try and avoid that. Even/especially if the person forcing me to socialise is myself.

Not this Brave Dave?

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