The Invocation: an evening of profane ritual, ancient cocktails, and enlightenment (Los Angleles)




You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


Dirty smelly doggie men? Is this just another one of those banana things?


This sounds like a very exclusive cult :slight_smile:


But possibly a fun party. Except, I don’t know if I want to be in a hypnagogic state with a bunch of strangers.


It looked like a homoerotic rite of passage involving muscle and sweat; but, disappointingly, no.


The reason why I favour
and to a greater extent
is their display of roots
outside of Cali.

The reason why I might succumb,
is the siren
sung by those,
inside of Cali.



Cocktail attire is encouraged.

So, I guess looking good with one’s shirt off is not a prerequisite.


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Crystals get jacked, no lie.


So this is what happens after you drop acid at a Dodger game?


There was (what I consider) an even better event Atlas Obscura is sponsoring in NYC around a lockpicking theme… Open bar, demos from an expert, and you go home with a new set of picks!


Cocktail attire is encouraged.

It’s so they can drink piña coladas at Trader Vic’s afterwards.


It’s all and games until Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd crash the party.


Shit, I spent most of the 90s like that…


Here’s a hint: whenever anyone namedrops Coyote, assume they’re lying. You’ll usually come out ahead.


An evening of Inane Ritual, Hipster Cocktails, and Self-Absorption. Ah, L.A. ;-p


‘Mixology’ is not a word I reckon many initiated-type people go around using.


Leave me out of this.


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