The island of infected chimpanzees, and the man who feeds them

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“Although the infected chimpanzees receive vasectomies and birth control hidden in their food, they continue to breed.”

ian malcolm


Oh nice. The big brains created and left an active and virulent reservoir of human infectious disease laying around just waiting for someone to exploit… AND someone has now publicized it widely!

Somehow that old Tom Lehrer song Werner Von Braun is playing in my head…

“Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
That’s not my department” say Wernher von Braun


Not even sure where to fall on this one. On the one hand I understand the scientists might have needed to suddenly flee and not have time to deal with the mess they created BUT that seems unlikely given they transported them to the island. Is this just a failure for them to have to stomach killing a bunch of the animals? If so what was the natural outcome of this experiment? Did they think they were going to cure them and eventually let them go? Unlikely. They probably should have accelerated the natural outcome of the work and made the very unpleasant choice to euthanasia these animals as humanly as possible. Maybe they could reconsider their next experiment more carefully?

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American scientists … scientists fled the country, abandoning the chimpanzees.

Just do what the US government does with immigrants. Send them back … to the USA.


I never would have thought that this was the Secret of Monkey Island.


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