The Jedi Master of youth soccer

That looks like Paul Ryan! Tell me it’s Paul Ryan!


He is wearing Slytherin colors…


And she’s only six years old! :slight_smile:

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first ankle was in U12, second was when she played in u14. The arm break incident occurred when she was u14 playing up in a u16 division.

at now 17 years old and playing girls varsity and u19 premier…not even the boys varsity players want to play against her. She is incredibly strong, fast, hyper aggressive, and absolutely fearless.


Do we know this video is from the US? I expect that many of the AYSO safety rules are not in place for youth soccer in many other countries (where kids can already be affiliated with a club and en route to a professional career by age 10).

I literally have stopped games and walked over to the parents side and said “If you cannot be encouraging and positive to all these kids I will have you removed from the sideline”.

Yeah, I used to ref kids soccer, and stopped because I couldn’t take the parents.


I always loved playing with and against skilled girls in sports, they brought a certain level of focus and intensity i didn’t typically see. In karate this one girl was fierce as hell during sparring, no one could throw punches nearly as hard as she could… she had the makings of a champ. Her sister was a tennis ace and god damn she was an incredible player.

I played some casual street soccer games with a few girls but not often. Honestly i think coed sports can be a great thing :slight_smile:


While teaching Karate in college, I tried to explain that your sparring partner may be your opponent right now, but you also want to keep them intact for further training. One guy never got that concept. He always kicked and punched as hard as he possibly could. Pain in the ass to fight. I’m told he became a successful dentist.

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Sounds like an asshole. I’ve had to give people like that a reality check during sparring, if you want to dish out hard strikes then expect to receive them. I know i can take a punch.

I’ve also heard of stories of people having to be checked in other disciplines like Judo for being way too try-hard.


Yeah, he may have been a jerk, but looking back I think he was just fearful. I view MA training as a way to address and train for difficult physical situations in a safe-ish environment. Some folks get triggered. Yup. It makes for interesting times.

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It’s a war out there.


Came here for the Scott Sterling reference and was not disappointed.

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Soccer parents…
Tennis parents are totally different.

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Mace Windu should have tried that, right in the middle of Palpatine’s unlimited power rant.


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