The Journey/Wilson Phillips mashup you've been waiting for


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Sounds more like a cover - not a mashup. Unless someone when thru a bunch of Wilson Phillips stuff and manipulated the vocals on a keyboard. Still wouldn’t be a mashup.

A mashup is when two songs are combined together - usually words from one song overlaid on the music of another. For example:

If done right - the mashup sounds like it should have been done that way from the start.


Best part was at ~40 seconds. A Capella Neil Schon. lol


I’ve never before noticed how obnoxious that song is.

[quote]You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness
You got yourself into your own mess[/quote]

Really? Tell that to victims of domestic abuse, bullying, ostracism, or bigotry of all stripes. And the whole thing reeks of that “oh, you’re depressed, well why don’t you just choose to be happy?” mentality.


I don’t know, in context it reads more like “don’t let anyone make you into a victim.”


Why do you assume the song is addressed to those people in those situations? Particularly when the second half makes it clear the song is addressed to someone in a failed relationship they refuse to leave?

I don’t especially care for the song, but I your gripe seems to stand up only if it’s about anything and everything.


It is a mashup of an acapella ‘Don’t Stop believing’ (which is pretty good if you find her original version of it) and the Wilson Phillips song.


Her soundcloud page has a lot more acapella tunes, including a version of King Crimson’s ‘Frame by Frame.’


My all time favorite picture of him.


Offered without comment…



You buried the lead! It’s MUTHAFUGGIN Petra Haden!


And here I was afraid I would have to wait until I died and went to hell before I could hear a Journey/Wilson Phillips mashup.


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