The joy of heat shrink tubing

Adhesive shrink tube is a godsend when repairing cracked/broken secondary air injection (sai) hoses on older audi/vw cars. I’ve been through a bunch of older vw cars and invariably the sai hoses are shot and are either nla or cost prohibitive to replace with new. Throw some adhesive shrink tube on and wham bam you’re on your way

You can use shrink tubing to mark your tools as yours, especially small-ish fiddly stuff. Colour coding and/or providing a surface you can write on.

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I also remembered that I have a bunch of “borrowed” hemostats in the garage that I lined the tips with shrink tubing to make awesome locking pliers that don’t mar your work


Your local box box home improvement stores should have heat guns; look in the paint department.

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I’ve got some lengths of black heatshrink tubing I bought ages ago from Maplin, but width/diameter is limited, I didn’t even know you could buy boxes of assorted sizes in short lengths like this, so I will be buying some while my current free Prime membership is active…
Thanks for the tip, btw.

You can also use a magnifrying glass on a sunny day. Duct tape around the edges if it’s too hot.

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