The Katering Show is a seriously funny food web series



I finished watching every episode yesterday. My life has no more meaning. There is nothing now. "Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.’’

There must be an AbFab cameo episode.


I have never heard “substitute A for B” to mean that A is removed, B put in; always the reverse. Is this direction an Australianism?

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They get everything upside-down.


Came to say the same. It’s very interesting.

Agreed, this show is fabulous (respectful allusion intended). I’ve seen all six episodes already, can’t wait for more. Maybe I’ll watch the others again–so many good lines that go by so fast.

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Reminds me of “Kath and Kim,” sort of

I’d never heard of Kath and Kim, but according to the bio, one of them was on it occasionally… So I guess the influence is honestly gained.

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