The last quarter-century of climate talks explained, in comics form

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Good grief, that animated jackhammer GIF is annoying!

You mean this one?

Nick Sousanis is a fucken champ.

Bought a copy of his dissertation, was blown away.

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The lead panel shows everyone walking toward Paris.

Incorrect image, should show all the private and government-owned luxury jets en route.

I would rather they do most of the negotiations using secure videochat (with unedited timestamped footage available after for transparency) and I’m sure I am not alone in that, but if they have to meet in person they are going to take up a commercial flight with their entourage anyway.

The other alternative is sailing over. I hope you don’t mind senior politicians taking a month or two off on your tax money.

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If they took twelve months it would likely be a net gain.

The lead panel actually shows men and women walking toward Somalia, and of such size that one foot covers Hokkaido. If you read further, it starts to look like the imagery might have some poetic license.

But cute talking point! I too look forward to when leaders hold negotiations remotely, and then seeing what new dismissal that earns – my bet is how it proves it isn’t really important to them, but maybe think-tanks will be more creative.


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