Mute button will be used at Thursday's presidential debate

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Too late. I already use it everytime I see Pump and Dump Rump’s puss or hear his whiny Queens accent in the media.

Thank you to technology and it’s many blessings


I’ll believe it when I see it


Right. So when both participants have to play by the same rules, that’s “unfair.”

Donald Trump’s new campaign slogan: “Two For Me and None For You.”


the candidate who does not have the floor will be muted while the other candidate delivers his two minute opening answer

Trump gonna take his dick out because he thought he was muted.


Well, this is entirely pointless. IIRC, the opening was the only time he let Biden speak last time. WTF good is muting his mike for 2 minutes going to do? And I assume they’ll be in the same room, so he will just shout whatever diarrhea he wants and the camera will dutifully cut to him, anyway.

Both siiiiiidddeess!!!


I fully expect QAnon doofs and Trumpers to go “See?! See?!” every time their supreme leader is muted.


Why do you think they call him “Two Scoops donnie”?


Is the soundstage laid out in such a way that Trump can’t just run over and grab Biden’s mic, or the moderator’s? (And for that matter, so that he can’t throw things or otherwise disrupt the proceedings?)

I was born in Queens. I’ve learnt to code-switch. :slight_smile:

There was one time that I had a gig in New York City where one of the other contractors was from the UK. After having to ask for several repeats from one of the customers, the guy said to nobody in particular, “Can’t anyone in this entire city speak the queen’s English?”

My reply (code-switching back to my native accent, and exaggerating a little): “Of cawse I speak de Queens English. I was bawn in Queens.” The contractor was less than amused. The rest of the room belly-laughed.

And of course, he’ll be muted many, many more times than his opponent Totally unfair that Biden was refraining from talking out of turn! See?


Yeah, I’d thought it would be “give your answer, then your muted until they’ve given theirs, then a minute and a half to counter debate, then muted again.” Only two minutes muted means the other 11 in each segment will be the same shit show we saw last time.

Oh well, no biggee, I didn’t plan to watch it anyway. The number of folks whose vote isn’t baked in at this point is vanishingly small, no matter what either side thinks. Nothing that happens is going to move the needles.


That’s what I’m expecting. Also watch for him to roam away from his podium to get in Biden’s shots.

None of this should be surprising to anyone who’s observed his behaviour, but when he does it I guarantee some “centrist” pundits will be fanning themselves in shock over this “unexpected” rule-breaking.


I’ve reached the point where I can’t even watch comedians do impressions of that asshole, I certainly can’t watch or listen to the real article.

As a non-US person all I can do is hope that you guys get your shit together and save your country. I don’t want my kids to have to fight in the war that will inevitably come if you don’t.


My thoughts exactly. I can’t believe Trump will actually allow himself to be muted.


They’d better buy directional mics, too. My guess is the next day will be full of memes of pouting Donald, pacing behind his podium shaking his head and mouthing the words “LIES” and “FAKE”. I’ll bet he leaves his podium too and charges the stage.


As I understand it, interruptions will be counted against their allotted time. Dunno how that will work in practice, but they’re at least thinking about the problem.


Yeah, sure, this is gonna work great.

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It won’t. The only way to do this is having them audibly separated and allotting equal time while the other is muted. Even if trump is mostly quiet, he’ll still interject with “wrong” and “you’re the puppet” or similar word salad and the mod will waste time trying to silence him while the cameras focus on him, anyway. One camera, one mike, one candidate. But that’s not going to happen because the only thing the media fears more than confronting this monster is losing the ratings his vileness brings.


Or they could, you know, give up on the outdated and stupid idea that is the Presidential debate entirely. None of it will change anyone’s mind either way, and it’s all just another opportunity for The Great Gaspy to rile his sycophants. End it.


When I heard the description of the “format” for the first “debate,” I thought, “these people just want a food fight.” And that’s what we got. What is more, that’s what TPTB wanted.

The mute button is just a ratings gimmick, like a sitcom fourth season pregnancy.


Hopefully Trump’s mute button behaves like mine did on this morning’s call and stays stuck in the on position.