The Lego Apocalypseburg Set: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!


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LOL I have to say, Lego is killing it these days. I feel they were lost in the wilderness for a few years, and sets coming out just weren’t as creative. I haven’t felt that way in a while now!





This actually made me crawl out of my cave to see if there are LEGO rental companies. And there ARE. So…yeah.




I saw a documentary on their turnaround, was surprised to learn they were actually losing money for awhile before.

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I need more time to build Lego, and more money to buy Lego.

@doctorow, I already alerted Jason, but this should be one thing for you as well if he hasn’t passed it along.

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The Toys That Made Us on Netflix perhaps? Such an entertaining show, the He-Man episode is also hilarious heheh.

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I’m not sure if LEGO should have been congratulated or criticized back then for not being creatively inspired by greed. :wink:

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This set seems rather un-LEGO.


In what way exactly? It’s based on their own movie for cripes sake!

Anyway, a imgur user put up a nice collection of in-progress building shots.

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My favorite is the set that has the sewer babies!


I am currently working on turning the vw kombi camper set into the 63 kombi that I owned in the waybackmachine. this includes swapping red for blue, removing the camper, but keeping the safari windows. Also I have stripped in the interior but haven’t decided on the interior panels construction yet.


If I didn’t have another modular set to get, this would be the next set for me to buy, assemble, and forbid my children from touching.

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And glue together with THE KRAGLE!

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binged almost all of the series. Still have “hello kitty.” to watch. It’s a strange perspective that “collectibility” is what makes for a good toy.

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I didn’t see any documentary. I do seem to remember an interview with a new ceo (or the danish equivalent) who had a ‘back to basic’ attitude I liked very much. And that was right when they turned around from ailing to succesfull again.

I don’t remember the details, but I do remember he brought back the ‘boxes of assorted bricks’ and did away with a lot of specialized shapes which were slowly turning lego into ‘playmobil with some studs’. Their sets have been a lot more fun since.


I do remember Lego seemed to go through that slump in the 90s which some people associate with when they introduced all these weird giant pieces that were hard to repurpose. (What heh just said) But as far as I can tell they got back on track about the mid 00s, I’m guessing when they started getting into licensing and I think Mindstorms had a bit to do with it too? More lately they’ve done fun stuff with the crowdsourced designs as well.
I’m not super into the Lego Movie sets but the Apocalypseburg one, aside from the obvious (other) movie references, also reminds me of the scrappy moon bases I put together as a kid (OK, maaaaybe not as elaborate)
(Personally I’m into the car sets - most recent is the Beetle, kind of want to get the new Porsche technics model too. And I’ve always wanted to get a train layout going, just hadn’t ever had the space or cash to do so.)

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Well, the LEGO of my youth had no green bricks, so children would not make tanks or camouflage weapons. We had Lego Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now we have post-apocalyptic society. I haven’t even looked up what Sewer Babies are.