The Levo II makes creating oil infusions from your favorite botanicals brilliantly simple

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Interesting, I can’t imagine needing enough infused oil that would require having a unitasker device on my counter.

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It’s very unethical to advertize essential oils as “medicine” and “therapeutic”

I am not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure advertizing non medicine as medicine is illegal.


I make soaps, and something like this would be interesting to have around. OTOH, to make it pay, you’d need a steady supply of the raw materials (herbs, flowers, etc.) for making the oil, and actually need that much processed infusions. I’m not sure if the infusions would be as good as essential oils for soapmaking or candles, although they might be good for culinary uses.

This actually looks like it’s being marketed to the people who want to make their own cannabis-infused oils for whatever use.


That copy reads like the posters I remember from hydroponic shops before everything was legal.
“Dr. Spliff sez your, uh… tomatoes… will be delicious!”

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The person who wrote this did not realize that they got the name of the product wrong! It’s the Infuser, not the Diffuser. Diffusers spread fragrant oils in the air in your bathroom. This product is totally different.


If you’re taking a few ounces of herbs, extracting some of the oils, and adding them to a couple of cups of neutral oil or butter - it’s not “potent” oil you’re producing. The herb oil is not multiplied, it’s very diluted.

Myself, I just put a few sprigs of crushed herbs into neutral olive oil (not extra virgin) and let them soak for a few days. Flavors the oil very nicely for use in cooking. I’m sure there are more complicated ways to get stronger tasting oil, but I like easy and quick.

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