The Lincoln Project targets 'Rich' Mitch McConnell

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On the one hand, AWESOME that the Lincoln Project is shining the light on assholes like Moscow Mitch and Donny Smallhands. On the other hand, what the hell is taking the Democrats so long to come up with ads like these!??!


I have already made a donation to the Lincoln Project.

It may be time for another.


The Dems don’t have people like Rick Wilson…I think a basic level of humanity is a litmus test there and if you don’t have it, you go to the other team. Look up his campaign to unseat Max Cleland (lost three limbs in Vietnam, after covering a grenade to save fellow soldiers, later Senator and head of he VA) for Saxby (“I was ineligible for Vietnam cuz I had a trick knee”) Chambliss. They are not our friends, regardless of the old saying (“The enemy of my enemy…”)

These goons exemplify the winning over governing ethos of the GOP since the Southern Strategy…maybe earlier. When you don’t have any policies, you just obstruct and block the other guys’ ideas. Electing people who say government is the enemy who then work into the night to prove it has consequences.


Maybe someone from KY can tell us how they think that will actually play in the Bluegrass State.

Something about how it’s stylized makes me think it’s a bit too “artsy” for it’s own good.

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The narrator’s fake southern accent pisses me off and I’m not even from Kentucky. The guy needs to figure out if he’s from Texas, Tennessee, or South Carolina.

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why on earth did everyone stop using “Moscow Mitch” - it was the only effective nickname and he hated it

btw his wife is a piece of work too, so corrupt and doesn’t even hide it


Why should she, when people investigating her corruption get fired?


Believe it or not there are many Americans who have lived in more than one state and have regional accents reflecting that. My wife has lived in California for decades but sometimes a little New Jersey still slips into her speech.


So many things go with “Mitch”. Why use just one?

Moscow Mitch, that son of a bitch,
Steals from the poor and gives to the rich;
Worse than painful rectal itch
Moscow Mitch, that son of a bitch.

(Released under a copyleft license, in the modest hope that it becomes a skipping rhyme on playgrounds across the US, now and for generations to come.)



So I’m guessing those KY ratings were lower when he was first elected? Damn.

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