The main man for survivalist chow and prepper food

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'Ur in(e) for a treat"




It’s not Jim Bakker?


What, they’re stockpiling art too?


There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for natural or man-made disasters with food, water, shelter and tools. Like anything it can be carried to extremes.


We must preserve both our cultural heritage and our purity of essence!


No, this guy is younger and cooler. Bakker is a ex-televangelist turned salesman of slop. This is guy is a CEO!


All the trendy preppers know the real ticket is vat-grown meat, suspended in a nourishing fluid

Guilty here. After what happened in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico we got a little better prepared for a possible earthquake, including prepper 25-year dry food, but just to last one week. Every pouch is beautifully adorned with American flags


Wouldn’t you like to be a prepper, too?



Excuse me, but I’m about as liberal as the next guy, but we have a similar system for what we out west on the ring of fire call our ‘earthquake kit’. It consists of our camping gear, mb 20 gallons of old stale distilled water (hey how are we stocked on bleach btw? uh oh), the contents of the hot water heater (tasty!) a couple bags of canned tuna, canned beans, sealed freeze dried whatever is left over from the last camping trip and a 20 lb bag of japanese rice (half empty). Oh and the contents of the chest freezer (how are we fixed for propane? uh oh).

In the sense that I am minimally prepped for a natural disaster, then yes, I am a pepper.

But i wouldn’t eat Jim Baker’s slop and this may be gourmet, but it is all just a bunch of nicely packaged glop. Can you use the large container bucket as a toilet? Niiiiice!


Does a wine cellar count?


I have to admit, this could be handy for when all those coastal cities get flooded more regularly and the FEMA trucks won’t be able to reach you in time. Watch out for those amoeba and cholera outbreaks, though, when you prep your daily dose of goop.

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Oh, also watch out for those Second Amendment people who are after your grub.

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I wonder if these folks concerned for their future voted for trump, or Bush, or Raygun? These things just don’t happen, there is cause and effect that has been going on for several decades now, ie global warming. Also, the thought of relying on our government to help is interesting. As time goes by the government is less willing to help those struck by disaster. In fact, disaster is invited by those with monetary means. Disaster Capitalism and Late Stage Capitalism go hand in hand. Remember when the U.S. was reaching out around the world to help nations in need, with real life sustaining resources? The only thing the U.S. exports or assists with nowadays is weaponry and military equipment… bombs and terrorism.

“Chief Excrement Officer”

(Usually has a BA for a degree, “Bullshit Artist”,
sometimes a PhD, “Piled Higher and Deeper”).

I always felt the prepper subculture serves the wrong people. To me someone who’s low income and lives in a hostile urban environment is better served by storing away non-perishable food and knowing their way around a first aid kit than some suburban white guy with twenty years office chair paunch.

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Good. You want to be prepared, not only for your own sake but so you’ll be in a better spot to help out your neighbors.