This ultimate survival bag is the thinking person’s disaster prep — and it’s $30 off

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  1. Dump contents out of bag.
  2. Place bag over head.

Another BB “store” scam. Spend 30 seconds on DuckDuckGo looking for one of the survivalist blogs BB has made fun of for years to find a real, useful “so-called” go bag.

Guaranteed less expensive and much better quality than anything BB suggests.


Does it come with:


Posted sincerely, as someone who had 20 minutes to evacuate her house (sheriff’s order), with winds @ 50-60MPH, a 9-alarm fire less than one mile away, with two compass-points nothing but a wall of yellow smoke, a few caveats…

  1. Where are you heading to?
  2. What season is it when you have to leave?
  3. Are you looking for long-term or short-term survival situation?
  4. Are you leaving on foot or in a vehicle?
  5. Is there someone you will be taking care of (someone ill, a child, an elder) who will have special needs that must be accounted for when packing their bag?

All these have a bearing on your success.

Review of various prepackaged survival gear, the man’s frank overviews are priceless:

Hot dry, cold dry, at higher altitude:

Middle of North America-ish, 3-season (not winter):

Cold snowy maybe dry maybe not dry:

Respectfully submitted,
yr humble student who probably has not seen her last mandatory evac


I don’t know what sort of disaster this is prep for, but if it needs three bottle openers, count me in.


The best survival pack… is one you make yourself.

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