The Mandalorian season 2 trailer and making of video

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Put Gina Carano in everything.


Perfect timing for season 2.

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Why are you sharing this? This is not a new video and it is not a teaser trailer. It is a repackaging of ILM’s official video that they posted last month, but with the audio synch messed up.

(This was already posted on BoingBoing.)

After that it has some random guy talking over footage from the show while advertising for his YouTube channel.


And – surprise! – it’s just above the 10 minute border

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I feel like a trailer that is over 10 minutes is basically gonna spoil the show for me, so I’m not gonna watch it.

I miss the 90s when trailers were like, 45 seconds.

Why would you post this with “season 2 trailer” in the title? There’s no trailer, it’s just mediocre clickbait, repackaging already existing behind the scenes footage. Super disappointed, really thought Boing Boing was better than this.

I usually come to Boing Boing to escape clickbait crap… sigh…

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I mean, the biggest spoiler in that trailer is that Chewie is stressed the whole time. That’s all that really matters.

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