Trailer for season 2 of "The Mandalorian."

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I think this is about three weeks late.


“You’re not my real dad!”


Mando: You know the rules and so do I.
Baby Yoda:
Mando: Never gonna give you up.
Baby Yoda:
Mando: Never gonna run around and desert you.



I was about to post that gif.

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Clickbait; this is a parody trailer.

Ahhhh… you almost got me. Well done!

“My father, not you are!” (with heavy disdain)

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At least it moves at a much better/faster pace than the show does. Favreau could learn something about getting to the point.

Do you want it to be The Rise of Skywalker? Because that’s how you get The Rise of Skywalker. Ugh.

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Here’s where an overly-pedantic nit-picky fanboy would usually point out that if “Baby Yoda*” is 50 years old, then “Teenage Yoda*” would have long outlived Mando before he ever even got to the adolescent stage…

* Not being such an aforementioned fanboy, however, I intentionally call him BY or TY, and never ‘The Child.’ :slight_smile:

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I would hope that there is a middle ground that doesn’t suck.

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