The Mandalorian's second episode turned things around

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Haven’t seen the 2nd episode, but enjoyed the first one!

Also catching up on The Bad Batch!

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Swoooon… I love me some Katee Sackhoff! It was fun to see her really showcase her skills. Her suit and weapons look great. Loved watching her be inspired by watching Mando go into the water.

I have a lot of fun with the series and watch each EP a couple of times. But I do love discussing it and my brain doesn’t understand a few things about Din… sometimes he can defeat small heavily armed armies and other times he is defeated by nothing special or struggles with a saber that obviously wasn’t meant for him. He is questing for IG-11 parts and then settles for R5 which he needs just to sample air? And the religious zealotry, getting unexiled, putting grogu into unnecessary danger and the timing of it all doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It feels like the S3 story has some fun conclusions coming up but getting there has some (seemingly) clumsy motivations.

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this week’s Bad Batch was VEEEERY interesting. i am predicting that Crosshair has finally seen the light.

as for Mando, i loved seeing Bo Katan wield the Darksaber, and she had a MUCH easier time with it than Din did, underlining (i think) that she’s the rightful person for it.


Din lost the sword to the Cyborg-Eye. Bo-Katan took it from the Cyborg (who dropped DS on the ground) and killed Cyborg with the Darksaber. I hope the next time Din tries to use it things are even worse for him. I think she rightfully won it there.

Also, the Mythosaur was not OK with Din taking that oath, but absolutely acknowledged Bo-Katan without killing her and let her take Din away from it.


i guess it depends on how the rules work. i thought it had to be handed down from Mandalorian to Mandalorian via victory in formal combat, but i guess if it just gets passed on by being taken by anything that defeats a Mandalorian… then yeah, i guess that works. i always assumed that everything else around them seems so tied up in ritual that it was something more organized, but it’s true that Din got it by defeating Moff Gideon, and he wasn’t a Mandalorian, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

i didn’t think the mythosaur cared about either one of them one way or the other. kinda like he saw a couple gnats fly by, and that’s it. lol

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People taking the creed have been interrupted by giant lizards too frequently this March for it to be coincidental and not packed with meaning. That thing looked at Bo-Katan dragging its not-a-meal off and blinked. Perhaps it was just “Beskar tastes like shit” but I gather these aren’t the first Mandalorians that thing has seen.

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true dat. well, i guess we’ll see. i had forgotten, but apparently back in the Book of Boba Fett there was a reference to a prophecy about the mythosaur coming back, signaling a return of the Mandalorians, which seems… ya know… important now.

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I think the mythosaur has Donald Trump eyes:

He doesn’t want it, he wanted Bo to have it last season and this ep was the conclusion of that.

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So are we all in agreement that the humanoid dudes who jumped Mando in the ruins were obviously supposed to be old-school Morlocks from The Time Machine? I mean, that had to be an intentional homage, right?


That creature and its lair really reminded me of something from Phil Tippett’s Mad God. Inventive and terrifying in equal doses.


Yep, I was thinking Mad God, too.

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this episode was lots better than the first one, but yeah: a very clumsy clunky setup

as far as i can figure they needed to get starbuck back to mandalore. but it didn’t fit with her story, so they stuck her laying about on a chair in her armor all day

what to do? make mando need her, then work backwards…

he has to get captured. but that means he has to teach grogru about being a mandalorian and say “maps” and “navigation” several times

but grogru can’t fly. so he needs a droid.

make the atmosphere toxic and mando unwilling to walk 5 feet for “reasons”.

still, he really hates droids. taika waititi is dead… err… busy… so show that he tries to get ig, fails, and get him this other droid instead.

it’s so dumb and clumsy ( and god there had to be a better way ) but it explains everything about the first episode and a half.

on the bright side, if they went through all that, it seems starbuck and mandalore are going to be important to the season, and that’s cool.

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I mean, that is what I immediately thought of.

Or when it was too dark to see what they were, Space Sleestaks.

I shouldn’t have popped back into this thread before watching the episode, but I did last night and it was really good. I thought Mythosaurs were supposed to be extinct.

Will they follow the rule of Chekhov’s Mythosaur? If a Mandalorian sees a Mythosaur in episode 2, they have to ride it by episode 8?


God I loved that reboot.

Yeah, I’m crazy excited for the Din, Bo, Grogu ass kicking party that has materialized.

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