"The mole on the back of your neck is cancer" wrote an NHL fan. Now she's getting a $10k scholarship for med school

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It’s nice to have a feel-good story about people once in a while. I’m so weary of hearing about all the rotten things people do.


Amazing unicorn chaser, thank you!


No pics of the mole? I am disappoint.

But great ending to the story!


Came for pic of the mole. Leaving disappointed as well.


Oh I’ve got a good one for you. I volunteer at an animal rescue that does boarding. One of our regular guests is a big cranky orange cat named Buzz.

One day he started incessantly licking a mole on his mom’s arm. She had it checked and it was melanoma. Had it removed.

Few months go by and he starts licking a different one. Precancerous.

We started calling him Dr. Housecat.


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I know that dogs can be trained to smell cancer.

I have even heard of old people who have been with each other for 40-50 years notice a different smell that was a cancer.


2022 is starting to look good, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Somehow some way this will be spun as a triumph of “free market healthcare” over the Canadian “free” healthcare by some pundit some where. Despite the fact you can’t get much more free than this.

Yeah they really need to get a pic of the mole out there

It’s one thing to know what a cancerous mole looks like, and another to be able to spot one “in the wild”–and be certain enough that you tell the person “hey you got cancer”

Looking up moles on the internet is like looking for Brown Recluse spiders, everything is a match for some qualification or other. I really want to see what the mole looks like that it could so certainly be ID’ed, and it could help the public potentially


I wish I could “heart” this more than once.

I’ve been in a “why does everyone have to be so shitty to each other?” mood lately.

It’s incessant and it’s everywhere.


Nadia Popovici is a Canadian that moved to Seattle a few years ago with her family. Brian Hamilton is a Canadian and was treated in Vancouver BC, I believe. Serious issues like this get moved to the head of the queue in Canada’s “free” healthcare, regardless of your financial status.


The groundhog humping your leg has the clap.

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