'Inside Edition' host Deborah Norville to have cancer surgery after TV viewer noticed a lump on her neck

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Very best of luck to her, and may the recovery be quick and painless.


This is pretty amazing to me, to be able to catch something like that over the relatively low fidelity (and usually attention level) of a TV broadcast. It reminded me of a couple other instances I’d heard of, also all thyroid cancer:


David Suchet’s high cholesterol levels were spotted by a doctor watching Poirot:

Some years ago, having seen Suchet on television, a doctor wrote to him and suggested he have a check-up because he had noticed a semi-circular white rim round the bottom of his pupil.

“Do you see?” he says, leaping up and positioning himself under the light. It turned out that he was suffering from arcus senilis, a condition indicating high cholesterol levels and an increased risk of heart attack. As a result he has to be very careful with his diet - no fatty foods, no alcohol, definitely no cigarettes. Does he think it was a message from God? “No,” he says flatly. “It was a message from a doctor.”


I had my own thyroid removed (thankfully non cancerous) after my 8th grade science teacher of all people mentioned to my mother at middle school open house that he thought my neck looked like it was swollen.


I have an ex girlfriend who is a doctor, and she would notice things like this about people all the time. Doctors are trained observers so of course they are going to observe.


This was a form of Thyroid Cancer that has since been reclassified. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only form of Cancer that has been downgraded to not Cancer. My wife was diagnosed with it before the reclassification, and had her entire Thyroid removed as part of the treatment process. If it were diagnosed today, only the tumor would be removed, and she would likely have ended up with at least half a Thyroid. Thus far, no refund or replacement has been offered. On the plus side, we do get to say that her Cancer was cured, rather than just being in remission.

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The nodule was the second most gross thing on that program

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