The more things Change... Women's Rights Edition

As a white cis dude?

I’m sorry we’re only sorta better than a century ago on giving women an even footing in the world and workplace.

To anyone going to the protest marches, stay safe.


My lady and her sister attended the March together. They report a resounding success. Attendance was more than double what the planners were hoping for. Good day.


Don’t be sorry. Just be part of the solution.



Recognizing the past and and present is a reason for sorrow. And I’m sorry for the way I’ve acted in the past, because we all make mistakes. When I make them in the future I’ll also be sorry and hopefully learn from those mistakes.

But I don’t accept blame for the actions of others in enabling this fucking bullshit situation to continue. Fuck that noise, I got enough of my own shit to beat myself up over. Let those assholes apologize, there’s stuff to be fixed. :slight_smile:


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