The Motorola Smart Safe lets you monitor and open it remotely

Insert @beschizza joke here.

(If you’re playing catch-up at home:)


You have no idea how entertaining a passtime it really is.

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Argh. Scooped.

I hope we can get an update on when @doctorow installs one of these in his house to keep stuff safe. Because, you know it does not compromise security.

Sometimes I wonder if the BB Store is a clever parody account with a long game.


Well, that does sound like something Rob would do. :thinking:


If you can pick it up it’s not a safe. Just a box.

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Presumably this relies on wifi to report it’s status, so all a thief would have to do is switch off your wifi when they break into your house.
You know, if just hitting it wasn’t enough.

At least we don’t have to wonder about the separation between the editorial, and sales parts, of the business. Clearly they have never communicated in any way, shape, or form.

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