The MPAA lobbyist who wrote SOPA will help draft the Democratic Party platform

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What a dick.


He even looks a little like a dick. Just the top part.


Like the head. Like a dick-head.


A quote from the season finale of the The Flash.

"Have you ever worked with a tool?!

I’m working with one now!"

that’s what I think looking at his punchable face


The Democratic Party: Trying their best to be as stupid as the other party.


Well if they keep him away from copyright issues, he might actually be good on something else. Maybe.


My fellow Californians, please vote Bernie Sanders, thank you.


Well, so much for Clinton and the Dems rejecting TPP and TTIP. This bought-and-paid-for tool has never met a copyright maximalist law or treaty he didn’t like.


The assple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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Giant Meteor looks more and more appealing.


Fortunately, the party platform is a largely irrelevant document, since it is in NO way binding upon any of the party’s elected officials… It ends up being a wish list, and writing it is pretty much busy-work to keep the malcontents of the party occupied and to make them feel like they’ve DONE something.

It certainly does question the intelligence of the folks that are putting him into this position in the first place!!! Sure, great idea, let’s make the Democratic party one more TOOL of the entertainment industry!!!


So, since it’s not binding or anything, why not make it a political tool and write it as things the people think should happen? Oh, that’s right. Neither party gives 2 shits about what the people want.


There is always Trump and he’s ramping up for a landslide victory in the general anyway. His hatred of the TPP is what brought me on board. Yeah, he’s a bit rough around the edges and you have to get past the bluster and Republican label, but a lot of his positions make sense if you take the time to look at them instead of his stage character and complete disregard for political correctness. You also have to deal with a lot of liberal hate… often violent hate, but I guess that’s how you know you’re on the right side of things. I’ve never been physically threatened for a political position before openly supporting Trump, so do be ready for that if you decide to cast your vote against the TPP.

What this primary season has made very clear: the centre-right to full-right screw-the-poor policies of the last few decades are not, as they have been portrayed, the result of the unfortunate necessity of compromise with the Republicans.

Those policies are what the Democratic establishment actually wants.


I believe that 90+ percent of Sanders supporters will eventually get in line and vote for the dowager empress.

And I believe that suggesting anything other than a vote for her will, by November 1, earn the suggester a (virtual) flaying alive on BB.

Mind you, I’d be delighted to be proved totally wrong.

Full disclosure - I am a libertarian conservative who will never, ever vote for either Trump or Clinton.


I’m guessing he’s not one of the five Sanders supporters on the platform committee.

I don’t think that Sanders has a clear position on SOPA, DMCA, or copyright issues in general. Anyone who knows differently and can link? I’d be appreciative.

Except Trump’s been rubber stamping all the suggestions from the heritage foundation lately, and those guys are big supporters of bullshit like the TPP and worse. He’s either lying to them or lying to us, and I’m not so sure I believe he’s lying to them.