The Muppets Return in Great Moments of American History


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Sadly, the climate of Orlando is not conducive to my enjoying visits there. I’m of the sincere impression that*, instead of journeying to Mordor, Frodo could have taken the One Ring to Orlando, and the heat would have been close enough to the fires of Mount Doom that the Ring would have melted after thirty seconds in open air.

*Alternate lines:

  • that Satan, after tempting sinners in Orlando, hurries back to Hell to cool down.
  • that there is an infinite supply of thermite merrily burning under the sidewalks of Orlando.
  • that any rain that tries to fall in Orlando is subjected to enough heat and pressure that the hydrogen spontaneously undergoes fusion and makes the city even hotter.


More muppetwashing. Fozzie and Rowlf’s work in the Civil Rights movement only gets a blurb, and it completely ignores Sam Eagle’s and J. P. Grosse’s advocacy and support of Jim Crow. #FeltLivesMatter!


There’s no labor reason the show’s run can’t be indefinite, there’s lots of performer intensive live shows in the parks. Disney runs on the backs of cheap talented kids from all over. This show is presumably just puppeteers lip synching to recorded tracks. The “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” live puppet show has been running continuously since 1991, plus it was ridiculously cheap to build & produce by Disney standards.


Any reason you’re thinking it’s puppeteers and not animatronics?


The reference to labor and the walkaround performer. There have been animatronic Muppets there since 1990’s “Muppetvision 3D” (1st Henson project I ever worked on), but most of the show is filmed with only a few live like Statler & Waldorf.


Wait - real puppeteers, not animatronic muppets?

My gob is gasted with flabber!


This is all blacksuited puppeteers, not Muppets TM though.


I still can’t understand why The Muppets got canceled. They got a Primetime Emmy Award and they got canned.


Because it was tonally messy except for the last 3 episodes*. Too “adult”, not muppet-y enough. The jokes were too lame for adults, kids were completely shut out. The first couple of shows could have been done as regular actors with little to no change to the scripts. The show didn’t really use the format as well as it could have.

*The episode with Dave Grohl/Gonzo getting his groove back was probably the best of the bunch, Grohl gets acting with Muppets.


Gee, and I thought it was a fun time.


Yes! BDSM Lives Matter!

Oh, #FeltLivesMatter…


Coming soon: Muppets reenact the 45-minute-long Trump Presidency


How about a Drunk History episode featuring a muppet?


Wow, that’s well done! I’ll be there in a week or so - can’t wait to see it live. Looks like real Muppets (rod puppets and live-hand puppets) with prerecorded voices… that sure sounds like Dave Goelz as Gonzo.


I can think of several core puppeteers who’d be happy to oblige if Legal let them.


A drunk Bill Barretta narrating in a Pepe voice would be amazing.


Funny, I almost said the same thing! Pepe would be MEAN drunk. Don’t recall if Bill liked his cups though.


Someone has to make this happen!


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