The National Police Association have been mass blocking furries on twitter

Police—particularly police dogs—have posed a hairy dilemma for furries in the past. Following a brutal police crackdown on protesters in Boston in 2016, participants in the region’s Anthro New England conference debated whether to continue supporting a charity that bought vests for police dogs.

Early this year, the long-running Texas Furry Fiesta announced a new policy against “any attire that is genuine or gives the appearance of being non-fictional military or law enforcement attire with the exception of currently serving military or law enforcement personnel who may wear their duty uniforms.”

Furries in the know said the community was conflicted over people who dressed as police dogs, especially German Shepherds. The backlash went both ways, with some furries accusing the broader community of blocking all German Shepherds on Twitter.



Am furry.

Gotta admit, roaming around the fandom, the GSheps all tended to be quite pro cop and racist. Maybe not all, but enough that it’s pretty significant enough to note. Also Wuskys are pretty racist too. Lot of racism in furry, but it’s a process, we’re working on kicking them out and hard.


People have way to much free time.


Also, the reason they’re mass blocking twitter is because one of the original tweets to start it that got retweeted around was , “Hey, Furries, did you know that 40% of all furry twitters are blocked by this Cop twitter?” (and then it listed the cop twitter), “Check it out by googling ‘40% police’”

Which of course leads to the studies showing 40% of all police officers commit severe domestic abuse.


OK, one question I ask anyone who identifies as Furry (so please take no offense):

What do you think of the CSI episode which featured the body of the week as a Furry?

I mean, opinions vary, but it’s generally considered hilarious in the fandom. The actor that played Gil Grissom ended up showing up at a few furry cons after and signed some stuff.

Obviously it got a billion things wrong and made conventions seem way more weird than they are, (they’re basically anime cons with a bit more sex but not much, but even that was a weird take on a con) but it was pretty harmless. I know a few who were in it as extras.


Where does all this place McGruff the Crime Dog?



I know a Wusky who is nice tho (#notallwuskys) :slight_smile:

Furr Affinity’s approach to this is really cool, for example nazi imagery and alt-right ideology is completely banned in TOS. They also support BLM.

That’s perfect! :rofl:

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