The new GOP talking point: FBI "planted evidence" during Mar-a-Lago search

Turnout for the last presidential election was 66.9% of the voting eligible population. 46.9% voted for Trump. If you count the people who didn’t vote or voted for a third party candidate in the denominator, that’s about 31% of eligible voters that voted for Trump. Not close to 40%, no, but the same could be said for Democrats/Biden (it was just under 34% that voted for Biden).

That brings me to my next point. After four years, if you voted for Trump a second time around you really were a “ride or die” Trumper. The percentage is much greater than 12.5%


Oh, I know; I just couldn’t resist pointing out that everyone that 45 deals with personally must be highly dissatisfied.

What a massive black hole of a human being he is…


Chuck Rosenberg discusses the question about finding evidence of other crimes here: 'Astonishing': Search Warrant Reflect's DOJ's Lack Of Trust In Trump: Rosenberg - YouTube


Indeed. Everyone who’s ever heard of him, also.

My fave conspiracy (I know you hate them) is that Mrs FG has been in deep cover for decades, making Red Sparrow look like amateurs.
One can only hope.


Strong disagree. A lot of lifelong Republicans dumped Trump after Jan 6. Still not good people, but definitely not ride-or-die Trumpers. Call it 18% on the strength of high voter turnout for this one election.


The tweet about not being allowed near the evidence collection is hilarious.

“They said I murdered someone, but they wouldn’t let me into the crime scene to contaminate evidence while they examined the body! Clearly they’re planting something…like a bloody knife with my fingerprints on it hastily hidden behind the cleaning bottles under the kitchen sink.”


I can’t imagine how pathetic it must feel to go through life continually denying any accountability for one’s own actions.


What I’m reading about the purpose of the FBI visit didn’t sound so serious (retrieving classified documents that he failed to hand over previously), but the fact they’re pushing this narrative so hard indicates it must have been pretty damning. And it turns out that his handling of classified documents, especially if he then went out of his way to hold onto things even after he got caught and they demanded the return of the documents, comes with some serious consequences.

Sounds like some pretty credible sources that are part of this are saying it was classified documents he illegally took from the White House, such as the ones they previously carted away by the truckful, but which Trump apparently hid when they came to pick up the others. Supposedly including documents so classified they can’t even talk about what they contain. Given that Trump and Kushner were pretty clearly selling state secrets while he was in office, I’d be surprised if Trump weren’t doing something nefarious with them.

Yeah, but unfortunately they can only collect evidence not covered by the warrant if it’s obvious evidence of a crime, which paperwork isn’t going to be. So unless he left out some drugs or dead bodies, we can’t really count on anything else coming out of this. On the other hand, " In response to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Trump himself signed a law in 2018 that made it a felony to remove and retain classified documents."

“Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined” $2,000, up to three years in prison or “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

Gods, he’s done this so many times, that we know about.

Because they’re really, really damning. Just retaining classified documents - and lying about it - would be bad. (Disqualified from public office bad.) If those documents were actually being used in any way by Trump? Also very bad for him. But yeah, he was already in a bad position when he illegally took classified documents home with him and then held onto them for a year while the government was demanding them back.

He refused/negotiated for more than a year before they came and collected them, but these are whatever he hid from the previous collectors. Which, according to a law Trump himself signed, is a felony making him ineligible for public office. So potentially quite dramatic, actually.


And: “My fingerprints on them? Fake!”


Better version.


This is backed up by experts’ statements that the DoJ rarely goes after people who have simply possessed documents they weren’t supposed to have, but rather only when those documents have been sold or otherwise transmitted.


Oh wow, now I’m imagining him getting hit by that, and appealing all the way to the supreme court to try to invalidate a law he signed. The irony would be DELICIOUS.


I’m just thinking “what dumb-ass is signing up to be Trump’s lawyer at this stage?” Do they, like, not read the news? Surely they’re not expecting to get paid, are they? If not, what is the motivation? Fame? Delusion?


Ruining their professional rep and not getting paid; I agree… what’s in it for them?


Short thread:



Back the Blue, Think blue line. Law and order. I mean it’s unpossible some racist sheriff in small town USA would ever plant drugs on anyone. Yet… um the FBI overseen by a man he appointed is planting evidence on Trump. CLASSIC.


His son (Eric) and I think lawyer were present when the search took place, and by law were given a copy of the warrant. They would have also been given an itemized list of anything that was taken.

And so they could shed some light on what the feds were looking for according to the warrant.

Instead all they have revealed about the warrant was the name of the judge who signed off on it, which became fodder for the NY Post and QAnon to make claims about his supposed bias, etc.



I suppose the worst case scenario (for us) is they just needed the damn documents back and he was being so obstructive they needed a warrant to do so, but they’re not that interested in prosecuting him for all the laws he’s broken here. But Trump’s response alone, not to mention the tight-lipped seriousness with which the DOJ and FBI are treating this, indicates it’s a lot more seriously than just another document recovery.

It’d be nice if they went after Trump and Kushner for selling secrets when Trump was in office, too…

Especially after he made it one of the key points of his campaign.

Those are the kinds of documents that I was always nervous about Trump having access to in the first place. A fear slightly ameliorated by the fact that he refused to read anything or get briefed. (Which makes him taking all those documents extra suspicious.)