Matt Gaetz was the FBI informant that led to Trump search, suggests new ad

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In a less horrifying timeline being a person who was under investigation for child sex trafficking would be a bigger election liability than being a person who was suspected of being insufficiently loyal to Trump.


They are eating their own with the crazy. And the conspiracy is false, yet believable enough for a Republican voter.


Always thought that qanon/magats are so mentally ‘vulnerable’ that a somewhat unethical approach to confounding them would be to post on the likely channels amply: “It’s obvious isn’t it?? Lauren Opal Boebert* is a librul plant to discredit Trump!!” “Anyone who can’t see Paul Anthony Gosar* as an agent of George Soros is an idiot!” etc etc. The more conspiratorial secret sect lizard connections the more they accept it all (apparently) -sigh-

*for example


The thing to note here is that in Turmpworld, the crime is to rat out fellow criminals. It is taken for granted that Turmp is a criminal, and the pitch is that you can be part of the crime family. Not as a snarky joke, but literally.


These are confusing times for us progressives. For the first time in, oh… like 45 years maybe?.. the GOP is turning on its own and I don’t think anyone really knows how to respond, other than to laugh with maniacal glee as they do to each other what they’ve been doing to the rest of America for so long.



Well you may not know it but this man’s a spy
He’s an undercover agent for the FBI
And he’s been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan


Of course, America loses no matter which of these clowns claws their way to the top of the midden heap. I’d love to believe that either one is unelectable, but that ship sailed long ago.

Also: what a waste of shade. I’d much rather TFG and his posse believe that DeSantis was the leak. Florida Man vs. Florida Man. It would be a sight to behold.


Except for the terrifying concern; how much irreparable damage will they do as they fight one another?


Seems like just conjecture.

They are keeping the affidavit info under wraps because the informant is still cooperating. Whoever it is still has some more dirt, or is at least claiming to.

The rumor generates lots of infighting, but when the name is revealed it will generate even more, so keeping the informant secret does double duty.


Yep. But I’m up for another round of fighting the Nazi’s, much as I wish we didn’t have to. I got a few good years left in me before it all goes to hell.


Setting up the proverbial circular firing squad they are…


True or not, that is one “endorsement” of Trump that I would support.

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This is the GOP
Don’t catch you slippin’ now
Don’t catch you slippin’ now


Agreed! :expressionless: To quote one of the Alice books, “I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” The average Q-head could give the Queen lessons in believing the impossible.

While I’m not saying to spread false, ugly rumors about a covert cabal of “RINOs”, working in secret against a certain Ex-president, I would not be exactly surprised were I to hear of them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While I don’t doubt the Gaetz would do anything to save his own skin, I don’t believe he would have had knowledge of Trump’s stash of secret documents. I still believe Jared and/or Ivanka are the informants (guess who controls the Trump business empire if he gets locked up).


it also usually needs right wing media support and,or bot farms. just one voice doesn’t do it. it’s creating a feeling that “everyone’s saying.” for all the talk of being independent thinkers they seem everything but

citation? i hadn’t heard anything that specific. more just they didn’t want to reveal “methods” since that could compromise things before the (implied) court date


Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

“In arguing against unsealing the affidavit, the justice department also said that the disclosure could harm its ability to gain cooperation from witnesses not only in the Mar-a-Lago investigation but also additional ones that would appear to touch on the former president.”


There is no honour among thieves/traitors.


From Page 8

In addition, information about witnesses is particularly sensitive given the high-profile nature of this matter and the risk that the revelation of witness identities would impact their willingness to cooperate with the investigation.