The (new) Munsters will live in "hipster" Brooklyn

I would have watched that sooooo hard. I loved the pilot.

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Remember “Being Human”? When they first announced it, it was listed as a Comedy, so I was anticipating a silly English comedy with a 20 something Vampire, Werewolf, and Ghost doing 20 something things in London. Holding jobs, going to college, working crappy jobs, etc. I was quite disappointed when it was revealed to be a Dramedy (mostly serious drama with a whisper of comedy).

I can’t be the only person that remembers this:

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I should but I don’t

What Munster character correlated to the creature from the Black Lagoon?

Uncle Gilbert (albeit not a regular character).


I don’t remember that one at all.

How on earth did “The Munsters Today” last for 3 seasons? I saw the pilot and was not amused.


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