The New York Times praises ear cleaning spoons

Lots of fancy ear spoons being sold in magazines in the 70s and 80s too.


Love the J.G. Ballard headline, Mark!
Or if David Lynch Created an Ear Removal Kit

You may laugh, but my sibling was so enamored with the bamboo ear pick I gave him that he went to Tokyu Hands to get some as souvenirs for a friend. He ended up buying a small spoon used for compounding drugs, proving that not only does Tokyu Hands really have everything, but drug spoons and ear picks are the same thing.

I don’t like metal tool, personally. Bamboo picks are inexpensive as well. I’d recommend them over sticking a car key, pen cap, or paperclip in your ear any day.

It was always a bobby pin when I was a child.


Ha. That is so weird , I thought about posting that, but figured it would be too obscure…

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I did that as a teen.
Sooooooo satisfying.

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I’ve gotten two unsolicited video ear spoons by mail this week.

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First, I was told I had to realise that there was no spoon.

Now, I am told there are even spoons with WiFi.

I don’t know what to believe any more!

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