The Spade and its amazing Wi-Fi camera are an ingenious ear cleaning tool

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The charger/charging dock seems like vast over-design. You are going to use this once when you buy it. Then, perhaps, you are going to use it 3 years from now (if you remember). This thing shouldn’t be taking up counter space/AC outlet with things you use daily. AAA batteries would make more sense.


sound track was a bit heroic for an ear wax scraper

I will stick to the classic Bohemian earspoon, thank you very much.


This is gonna do great on Twitch.

Wait, I thought everyone just wrapped toilet roll round the end of a screwdriver then scraped their ear-goo out with it. Am I doing it wrong?


I bought this several months ago and I disagree with you. My ears produce a pridigious amount of wax, sadly, to the point where my hearing has been cut off twice and I’ve had to go to the doctor to have them irrigate my ear canal. It hurt and took a long time, plus cost me a $25 co-pay each time.

Since I’ve owned the Spade, I’ve used it four or five times. It sits on my dresser and I haven’t had to re-charge it yet, but I’m sure I will soon. In fact, today a bit of wax blocked my ear canal for a few seconds (I got it out with a piece of toilet paper and my finger, since it wasn’t deep), so I plan on using my Spade again later today.


And if it is, FFS please see a professional about it.

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