The nutty Jay Ward TV show you never saw

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I grew up on Rocky and Bullwinkle and remember many lines, such as:

Inspector Fenwick [regarding the hoard of cereal boxtops that the Boxtop Bandid has amassed in an elevator shaft]: This looks like the work of a criminal mastermind!
Bullwinkle: Is that Criminal J. Mastermind?
Fenwick: No no, it’s the work of an arch fiend!
Bullwinkle: Is that Arch J. Fiend?

Or, the Wicked Queen, whose magic mirror is coin operated. When the Queen asks the mirror where Snow White lives, the mirror replies:

“With dwarfs she dwells, those sawed-off mugs.
And by the way, stop using slugs!”

Okay, you have to be old enough to remember what a “slug” was.


the guy who did the falcon bit is Norm Macdonald before Norm Macdonald.

I had my doubts watching the opening bit, but it got better as it went along. anything Jay Ward is funny to me.

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Hokey smokes!


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