The ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget is the car helper you never knew you desperately needed

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Actually quite handy to have if you’re into geocaching.



A 19" pick-up tool? Is that a conversation starter or a conversation stopper?


So it’s for grabbing things far away from you, and it has a 10 pound limit? This is the closest I’ll ever get to casting Mage Hand outside of D&D.


I’d love to know why. I was thinking of getting into geocaching as a good way of doing something with my kids, instead of our random hikes.

you never knew you desperately needed

I still don’t!

My kids love it. It’s a kind of hide-and-seek, but with technology.

The grabber helps because some geocaches are hidden in places where your hand won’t fit. You can buy fairly cheap versions of this [$5 in the US] at a big-box store.

A magnetic end is useless for almost all coins. At least in the USA, no current coins are ferrous.

Yeah, it won’t pick up feral cats either. Apparently feral is not related to ferrous.

Thank you. That was the information I needed.

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