The original Poohsticks Bridge from Winnie the Pooh is for sale

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I hear there’s interest from an anonymous Chinese buyer who’s giving some thought to tearing it down.


The only later books are not by Milne. Anybody read these?


Yup. They were pooh.


Funny, that’s strikes me as just about how Pooh (or let’s be honest, Christopher Robin), would spell “Pooh’s Ford”.



But Winnie-the-Pooh is banned in China.

Yes, I believe that was the joke that @gracchus was making- that Xi Jinping is so anti-Pooh that he would buy this piece of history just so that he could have it destroyed.

Surprisingly, the two Winnie the Pooh themed rides at Shanghai Disneyland are still in operation, despite rumors of their impending removal a couple years ago.

All the more strange because the Chinese government has a 57% ownership stake in the resort, so Xi could probably dictate any changes he wanted with very limited pushback.


Maybe it’s just one of those espionage operations intended to compromise decadent Western intelligence agents.


At first I thought they were selling the current bridge.

The auction listing ends with these two paragraphs. Which slightly confuses whether it is the current bridge or the one in storage which is being offered. But it cannot be the one currently in situ, so it must be the one that was put into storage

By 1999 the bridge had become worn and degraded by the countless thousands of visitors and so was replaced with a new bridge built with considerable financial assistance from local groups and the Disney Corporation, whilst the original was dismantled and stored for many years in the Ashdown Forest Centre until recently when local Parish council gave permission for it to be rescued.

It has now been fully restored and reconstructed using local oak for any missing elements with each piece numbered, together with drawings and an analysis, prepared by the council on original/replaced elements.

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They were always more about killer verses and choruses than bridges.

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If the pooh sticks wear it.

Awesome, another excuse to post one of my all time favorite songs.

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