The Peeing Tree of Frankfurt has taken its revenge on humans

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I’ve seen videos of people cutting down trees that will just gush out with what I assume is water or maybe syrup? It’s crazy to behold.

Here is an example


I bet that tree was rotten on the inside and had filled with rainwater. It happens frequently with silver maples


A neighbor’s underground water line to his house broke and turned his side yard into a swamp. It also filled a dead-ish maple tree with water to the extent that water would flow down the trunk from the top. I had to prompt him to call the water company. Luckily for him, they’ll forgive an enormous bill due to a line break. Unlucky for him is they charge about $2k to dig up the old line that’s buried below the frost level.


I think that tree needs to get its prostate checked.


If you are ever in Frankfurt, and interested in the sometimes delightful, sometimes difficult and sometimes cringeworthy art of satire, I suggest visiting the Caricatura museum. The artist who created the peeing tree was part of the Neue Frankfurter Schule, and the people ‘involved’ in that created quite a bit of comic art around Frankfurt.

Klick for ze German Vikipetia apove, or follow the english oneboxes below for a much more rudimentary rabbit hole:


Frankfurt mentioned!!!
There are quite a few funny artworks like this one in Frankfurts city forest.

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I’m sure it wouldn’t work quite as well as advertised, but I wonder if anyone tried that special hydrophobic coating that bounces pee back onto the urinator?

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I am a crystal-clear stream, have a drink, please

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