The Prescient Bush Brochure from 2000 (or how we got here today mind f--k)

I was just reminded of this remarkably prescient brochure I’ve saved over the years. On top of being mind-blowingly predictive… I think it’s also a valuable, vital reminder of why we shouldn’t trust the establishment within our government nor our corporate media in regards to our upcoming 2016 election.

This is a completely unretouched scan of a year 2000 brochure that the Republican party mailed to their marks before GW Bush “won” against Gore for the presidency.

At the time, I took a close look at the brochure. Just after reading it, I basically said to my GF at the time:

“If Bush gets elected, this clearly shows he’s going to take us into war in the Middle East based upon a repeat of Pearl Harbor.”

That’s why I saved the brochure. I wanted to see if it was a blueprint. Yep, it was. See for yourself.


If you’re too young to have lived through this period, you should visit some reliable sites/books on the topic that explain what happened after this brochure was printed in 2000.

Note especially the constant propaganda the Bush administration utilized leading up to and during the Iraq War. Also, look at old news media to witness the incredibly complicit entities such as The New York Times and other corporate media that used FUD as well:

It’s damning and it’s why you really shouldn’t trust the corporate media today who tells you that Hillary Clinton is your progressive pal:

Otherwise, you may miss out on the significance of a lot of this content. Also, if you don’t think this kind of stuff can ever happen again — you’re not paying attention to who is funding some of our candidates such as Hillary Clinton and the Republicans.

Folded like Mad Magazine

Below is where I took the brochure and folded it similar to a Mad Magazine back cover. I didn’t create a new crease, I just folded parts backwards. This was how it was displayed on my wall for many years during the American siege that was the Bush administration.

Be sure to observe how folding it this way altered the wording at the top. Kind of eerie considering I had this up on my wall like that well before Pearl Harbor II (cough, I mean 9/11).

(click picts to zoom in)

Page 1 – FUD

I think it was folded vertically when received in the mail, but here it is unfolded.

Let the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt begin!

Page 2 – Pearl harbor is coming…

Read into this however you will. Failing intelligence… pearl harbor (pict w/ explosions)… vigilance…

Page 3 – Terror, homeland, Iraq, terrorist threats… this page has it all…

See if you can spot the incredible quotes… like the part about putting troops in harm’s way, etc.

Page 4 – Gee… anyone starting to see a theme here?

Lots of military shit… everywhere. It’s clear that Bush was going to lead us into war if he was elected.

Anyway, another good read… I like the part about “extending peace”, etc.

Moral of the story? Don’t fall for the FUD again.

Please vote for Bernie Sanders who is truly an anti-war candidate. Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton who would like you to forget she was a warhawk on Iraq and she was warmongering even as recently as Syria.

Hillary Clinton is incredibly likely to bring us more war and some of her top donors will very much profit from more wars as well.

Vote on the issues and the person that has a record they don’t need to flip-flop on:

Beware of the cult of personality.

Our future shouldn’t depend on anyone that flip-flops and panders to us anymore.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Authorized Billions in Arms Sales to Foundation Donors

I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your TV
I’m the Cult of Personality
I exploit you
Still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the Cult of Personality

Cult Of PersonalityLiving Colour


EDIT: This content below was clipped from the above post, so I put it down here in a new post. Not sure why it seems to be reappearing above again. I’ll leave this here in case the above part glitches out again.

Please vote based upon the issues and who has a record that shows us they’ll back it up. Avoid those that pander, flip-flop and lie to us for our votes:

Beware of the cult of personality.

Don’t fall for this shit again, America.


that reminds me of another prescient item from the onion published around the time of the bush inauguration–


Bush was the sort of scumbag only his mother country could love… What an epic fucking sleaze.

BTW, if you’re interested in how to avoid getting that nasty moire pattern, you need to scan at high enough resolution to make out the printing dot pattern in full, which can then be eliminated with a little blur and a resize down to manageable proportions.

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[quote=“Kimmo, post:4, topic:61946”]
[/quote]I scanned it many years ago, I think it was at 300ppi or something. I figured the moire wouldn’t matter too much. I could use a Gaussian Blur filter on it, but I wanted to be able to honestly say it was completely unretouched. This is simply a brochure scanned, resized and put online.

[quote=“Kimmo, post:4, topic:61946”]
Bush was the sort of scumbag only his mother country could love… What an epic fucking sleaze.
[/quote]I know people that get physically sick just by seeing him. He killed so many people…

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