The Realm: The True history behind Game of Thrones by Ed West


I guess, living in the UK, the parallels are more obvious over here.


Interesting. So was Jaime Lannister actually based on Michael Douglas’ character?


I thought it was common knowledge that ASOIAF was really just fan-fiction War of the Roses?


Tyrion was played by Danny De Vito?

So Daenerys Targaryen is the Mary Sue character?

You must be the last person in the world who didn’t know this.

It sort of tells you where the story is eventually going. The Wars of the Roses ended up with Henry Tudor (Henry VII) on the throne. His claim was somewhat tenuous, being by way of a bastard son of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III. That sort of connected him via Lancastrian line, but he was actually a member of the house of York, being the son of Margaret Beaufort, who had married into the Yorkist line. To shore up his claim, he married Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward IV, who was Edward’s sole remaining heir after the deaths of the princes in the Tower.

So let’s see – we need someone with a bastardy past, from the house of York (scuse me, Stark), who needs to marry someone with a better claim to the throne.

I’m predicting it now: John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen end up hitched and sitting on the iron throne together. Oh, and also, John Snow’s mother will turn out to be some species of Lannister.

I dare GRRM to hurry up and prove me wrong.


You’re 100% mistaken about Jon Snow’s parentage (and the spelling of his name), but I think your predicted ending is pretty close to what will play out. A Jon-Daenarys marriage will be a bit icky, unless you’re from some Ozarks backwater, though.

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Or[quote=“mrfixit, post:8, topic:38108, full:true”]
A Jon-Daenarys marriage will be a bit icky, unless you’re from some Ozarks backwater, though.

Or European nobility.


Derp. GG me for missing the much more obvious and better matched comparison -_-;;

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Windsor is coming.


Or a Targaryen.

If Jon is a Henry Tudor character, he is of the House of York/Stark but descended from royalty through the House of Lancaster/Lannister.

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Yeah, if this were based directly on history. There’s two possible lineages for Jon suggested in the books, and neither involves the Lannisters. Google it if you don’t mind spoilers.

Or of House Targaryen.

edit: Must read all of the comments first, must read all of the comments first! (still not deleting this, OK?)

Yeah, I haven’t read them yet because my memory isn’t good enough to have a several year break between parts of the story. When all the books are out, I’ll read them straight through. It wouldn’t be the first misdirection from GRRM but I guess time will tell.

So am I right in thinking that “Westeros” is actually “Wester Ross” in Scotland?

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