The requiem of Rob's safe

Rob’s safe was a nearly year long journey so why not commemorate it in the style of a song that takes a year to listen to, the classic American Pie.

I’ve Wiki’ed this so others can contribute or modify as necessary. This came to me in a dream but all I really had was an intro and part of the middle. No refrain or complete verses. I’m sure the rest of you creative folk can fill in the rest.

Much like the opening of Rob’s safe this is all about the journey on the road to inevitable disappointment. Don’t let me down!

A long nine months ago ago
I can still remember when
Rob told us of his locked safe
"I know it’s probably full of air"
But there could be something there
And stethoscopes don’t really cut it

March '16 it made us shiver
"Open the safe", Rob did not deliver
Curiosity was flowing
Frustration of not knowing

I can’t remember if I cared
If there was something or nothing there
If it was fun or a nightmare
The day… the safe meme died

Why, why, did we crowdfund this guy
Dank carpet, empty drawers, was it all a big lie
Over nine months and two thousand replies
We must know what’s inside

[lyrics go here]

(partial verse)
“It’s finally open!” never hit the page
Jeff Atwood went into a rage
In his great frustration
He asked for our donations
As dollar signs climbed to the sky
Just to know what is inside
No one even wondered why
The day, the safe meme died



Why why did we crowdfund this guy (note, I contributed and was not disappointed, just looking for rhymes)

Hitting F5 while drinking whiskey and rye

With the gif posting crew buzzing like a beehive

Dropping hearts on the posts while earning a Nice Reply


I can work with this. I’ll see if I can fill in the gaps.

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