The scariest drop-in I have ever seen

I hope Darwin is looking the other way.

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I am reminded of a simple statement that a SAR instructor told us during a class, “never trust your life to a single piece of safety equipment.”

It is not that I don’t get BASE jumping, it is just I don’t get trusting a single pice of rigging to save my life as I scream towards the Earth.

As The Tick would say, “Gravity is a harsh mistress.”

Source: Youtube clip from The Tick, TV series, 2001, based on The Tick comic character, 1986, by Ben Edlund, clip uploaded by Tim Poirier on 2015 01 30. Note: I could not find a clip from the cartoon, as that is what I remember the quote from.


Well, it looked like a parachute…

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amazing the falls skateboarders not just survive but walk away from

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This seems pretty true for any professional level athlete, whether it’s a ball sport, skating, etc…

I knew a competitive skier that had completely trashed knees by her mid 30’s.

Wow, boing boing loses a couple of editors and it becomes fun again. After a long hiatus, I find myself checking this place more frequently.

I suppose … to me what it adds is danger (for others) and destructiveness (for his own board). I guess I’m just getting old

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