The Selma Confederates: 'I want to protect, defend and preserve my white race'


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Always baffled by the descriptor “white race”. I’m Irish and Italian and a mix of some other things… but they are all different cultures and backgrounds. Say if there was a movement in Ireland to preserve the “Irish race”; it would be as repugnant to me but at least I would understand the logic behind. White Americans could be considered anything. Hell, the whitest guy I know is Puerto Rican!

Preserving the “purity” of an immigrant stew is just asinine. We know you hate brown people, try to be a little more creative about it.


They should come to Nashville where they can gather under a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest on a horse having a seizure. This is a pretty old picture. I can tell because the flags aren’t faded and in tatters.

The last time I went by there, which was last week, the sign decrying Fort Negley as a site of crimes committed against African Americans by white Union soldiers had been removed. I doubt this had anything to do with the owner’s realization that whatever those “crimes” may have been they paled in comparison to the extent and number of crimes committed against African Americans by mostly Southern white landowners.


You weren’t kidding about these people having a very special view of history.

“If you look at the wealth created by the slaves, in food, clothing, shelter, medical care, care before you’re old enough to work, care until you died, they got 90% of the wealth that they generated,” he said. “I don’t get that. The damn government takes my money to the tune of 50%.”

That’s right: straight white men living under Obama in 2015 are considerably worse off than black people were under slavery in the 1860s.


I was in Selma this weekend. Ignore these trolls, I saw no counter protests by the Klan. Some people did have a flyer thrown on their lawn…and that was it.

As for renaming the Edmond Pettus Bridge. Although the movement was started by a Selma Church youth group, most people connected with the bridge do not want that history erased.

The bridge as it is named is a symbol of Civil Rights…it no longer stands to honor a confederate general. They took it back and it (and it’s name) is stands for a victory of Civil Rights over bigotry. Don’t take that away. It’s a big “Fark You”.

If you want to change something. Blast off the sculptures of Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis, on Stone Mountain Georgia.

On second thought leave that too…as Stone Mt Georgia is very popular with African Americans for family reunions. Just google family reunions and stone mt georgia. So African Americans are taking that back too. From someone that lives there (in the town) about 90 percent of the family reunions there are African American.

/although I would really like to see MLK, Rosa Parks, and Medger Evers on the Mt.


90% went back to the slaves? Hard to make a living on those plantations with all those slaves just spending those cotton profits.

I mean, what do you get from your 50% these days, decent roads? Healthcare? Schools? Churches? Fire departments? Clean water? What a goddamned waste. My great grandpappy didn’t need none of that.


Say…those folks are doing a damn impressive job of preserving and defending the white race. I, and my blotchy, bleachy whiter-than-white crappy celtic epidermis can now keep on keeping on. Good job guys!


If you want to protect and preserve your heritage, I’m with you. What these guys are doing is simply blaming the ‘other’ for their plight in life. It’s time to call the waambulance.


Not sure why these goobers and other people still go around saying that they are paying 50 percent of their paycheck to the gov., anyhow.
I’m in a high bracket and my take home net is 70 percent of my gross claiming married-zero.
Even calculating in property taxes, sales, gas, etc… it’s nowhere near 50 percent of my income.
Everyone bitches about paying taxes and payroll deductions. I don’t mind the infrastructure, parks, medicare and social security. Not that fond of war, though.


Also until about 100 years ago, Irish and Italians were not considered white".


Just the word “plantation” brings to mind images of white people working tirelessly to provide a better future for all those people they rescued from Africa. It must have been heartbreaking to know so many had to be left behind, but the crews manning the rescue ships crammed as many refugees aboard as they could.


The rich and powerful work pretty hard to keep our pseudo-neo-confederates misinformed and bigoted.


They faced some discrimination but I can’t begin to compare what my Irish immigrant ancestors had to deal with to the discrimination faced by darker-skinned ethnic groups. Andrew Jackson was born to Scots-Irish immigrant parents and still managed to get elected President of the United States a full 180 years before the first non-caucasian (well, half-caucasian) did.


Jews weren’t considered white until about 30 years ago (and I still think neo-Nazis consider us to not be white).

I think Hispanic people are the next in line to be merged into “white.”


Get a hairlift ya hippie!


Came in to say exactly this. No one, even in the highest brackets, pays 50% (income tax) in the US. The top bracket is currently only 39.6% and that (marginal rate) only applies to amounts (for single filers) to income above $400K. Everyone pays the same rates on all marginal brackets below certain levels. And people who make enough to be in the higher brackets should just shut up anyway since that’s a nice problem to have. People who make statements like this are either uneducated about the taxes they pay or are outright lying/aggrandizing.

Marginal rates as of 2013:

/Son of 2 CPAs


There is some economic-historian sniping, some of it intimidatingly technical, about how much of the surplus value was kicked back to the slave workforces on plantations vs. how much went to free factory wage labor of the same era. However, while it is actually an interesting question(even if you aren’t interested in the workers, labor costs are sort of a big deal when examining changes in efficiency due to mechanization, superior cultivars, that sort of thing); anyone who latches on too quickly is a bit suspect in my eyes. If you place the value of, oh, not being a slave at zero when totting up the relative paycheck sizes, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that you are either buying into the ‘eh, blacks are basically childlike, so slavery was good for them as long as they had one of those kind masters’ theory, are one of the ichor-for-blood Randroids who are dead serious when they say that ‘taxation is slavery’, are merely bullshitting, or (least likely, most sympathetic) are a marxist critic of alienated wage labor.

As a question of economic history it is perfectly respectable; it should hardly be taboo to calculate how much of the cost of producing a ton of cotton in year X was derived from labor costs vs. other costs; but anyone who just blithely compares ‘salaries’ without noting that one job involves being chattel has a few screws loose.


I wish we could initiate some DNA tests for those “pure” whites from Alabama. They might discover that they have more in common with the descendants of slaves than they think.


I’d say that whenever you hear Racist or Bigot speak, you can deduct 100 IQ points.

But that would put him at zero…

It is possible to hit 50% though when you add in various city, county and state taxes (especially with sales and property taxes). In most cases, you’ll have to have a rather low income though.

I’m not exactly sure how they’re calculating the value of freedom, not being whipped or raped. Is 90% of the revenue from an artificially depressed commodity enough? Because you’d have to pay me quite a bit to to compensate me for being enslaved.

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