The sexy medical researcher in this bestselling 1991 romance novel was based on Anthony Fauci

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Trump will fire him for certain now, unless we quickly come up with at least two smut novels where the love interest is based on Trump. Someone is going to have to do that for me, however, as I’m not the best person to research tapeworm slash fiction.


Sounds like a Chuck Tingle Challenge to me. Gawd knows there’s plenty of 45 fetishism to go around.


This is the hottest Anthony Fauci slashfic I’ve read since the stuff I wrote this morning.


Especially after SNL portrayed him as a cool, competent, sexy professional instead of a sociopathic clown like everyone else in Trump’s orbit.


I’m not sure the real life Fauci is going to have such a Happy Ending. All Trump touches turns to shit, and all that. Birx is totally compromised at this point, Fauci not quite that bad, but… He needs to march his ass before Congress, if summoned.


So… wait. This novel isn’t about Vietnamese massage parlors?

Also interesting that this was set in a time when Fauci was also a figure of criticism from both left and right. Just as now, where Fauci is criticized for both working with the Trump administration and for contradicting it, in the 1980s and early 1990s Fauci was criticized by the right for focusing on AIDS (which was seen “just” as a gay disease) and by the left, and especially AIDS activists, for actually wanting serious clinical trials of treatments rather than just letting fightened patients experiment with untested treatments. To his credit, he did manage to finally make contact with the activists and get them to understand that demanding evidence wasn’t just heartless bureaucracy.


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