The SiftEase is a new way to clean your cat’s litter box so you and your feline will both approve

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Then who cleans the SiftEase?


Right, because lifting up the entire litter box and dumping it is so much easier and less dusty than just scooping it…


I feel like this ad copy was written by someone who does not have a cat or litter box.


Add some sensors and an app that calculates grading curves in real time and you’ve got yourself a deal.

“SifTease’ tiny fingers first get to work cleanly prying litter clumps off the walls/floor of your litter box, and will never let light pee clumps break apart into a million tinier pee clumps when the combined weight of 25 lbs of litter are deposited into it. Loose stool is whisked to one side so as to not smear itself on every conceivable surface of the SifteAse.” SiFtease is perfect for seniors because it does the heavy lifting for you (advanced model option).*

*Ad copy that was inexplicably left out


This feels like a Latin translation exercise. Is it “the Guardians”?

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Y’all just get a litter robot, 500 bucks but worth every damn penny. I bought one in 2005 and it just now quit working, so now I have the latest model.

You save on litter in the long run plus my girls are extremely pleased to have an always clean box.

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Or maybe it’s the custodians*, if you and your cat live in an institution :slight_smile:

*Looks like that’s a U.S. use—i.e., someone who cleans and maintains things in a building.

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We’ve gone through two of these in the past ten years or so. Best money ever spent.

You never have to touch litter, poop or even a scoop. It’s an automatic cat toilet. Just gotta have a place near plumbing like a laundry room.

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